446968: Elvis Takes a Back Seat Elvis Takes a Back Seat

By Leanna Ellis / B & H Publishing Group

Claudia, a young widow is determined to fulfill her husband’s last request by hauling a three-foot bust of Elvis Presley in the backseat of a vintage Cadillac from Dallas to Memphis to return it to its rightful owner. The road trip-taken with an eccentric aunt who actually knew the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and a temperamental teen with a suspicious mind of her own-hits some royal roadblocks and detours as these women uncover pieces of their past along with the bust’s mysterious history. What they find along the way changes their lives forever.

My Review: From the title you can guess this story is full of laughs.  Although there were several times that I chuckled this book wasn’t necessarily as funny as Leanna Ellis’ book, Facelift. However, this book was entertaining and left me with a lot to think about. Claudia is a woman struggling with tremendous loss, the type of loss that too many of us have faced in our lives. Claudia like many of us build walls of protection but through this misadventure of return Elvis to his rightful owner she discovers many things about herself and those she loves.  Her Aunt Rae provides a solid supporting character throughout this journey and Ivy adds what every teenager adds ATTITUDE!

For me this story struck a nerve. Although, I haven’t experienced the loss that Claudia had, I have built some of the same walls. This story challenged me to take a look at myself and see how I interact with others.

This is a sweet romantic comedy that will touch your heart and possibly challenge depending on where you are in life.

To learn more about Leanna and her books you can check out her website at: http://www.leannaellis.com/

I did receive this book for free, however, it was through Amazon on my Kindle!

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