I started Terri Blackstock‘s Predator last night. It is starting off in typical Blackstock fashion.  She grabs you from the opening pages. This book deals with an important subject, online predators. I can’t say for sure yet, but my guess this book is going to highlight the dangers of sharing too much information about yourself on the web. Be it through blogs, MySpace, Facebook or Twitter, we really need to think about what we “put out there.” Hopefully this book will help educate or at least raise the awareness for parents regarding their kids.  Too often parents don’t have a clue what their kids are doing online.  I once told a youth pastor if he really wanted to understand high school kids get MySpace and read what they’re writing.  It will open your eyes (and many times scare you to your knees!)

I’m still working on Joyce Meyer‘s Eat and Stay Thin. Hopefully, I’ll finish it this week, but I want to take my time and really process what she has to say. She really brings things down to basics. No fancy diets, no high and lofty ideas, just practical Biblically based concepts. Some as simple as, educate yourself on what you’re eating and eat a balanced diet. The hardest thing she’s given us so far is, “Don’t eat unless you are hungry and stop eating when you’re comfortable.”  She also deals with the importance of taking our emotional and spiritual needs to God instead of food.  It’s been a good read and one that I should read on a regular basis.

Be blessed!

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