After my screwup with “Ghost Writer” I decided that I would update the list I started 2 years ago when I started reading for pleasure again. And I came to the realization that I’ve read 71 books since January 2004. Of course, I can’t remember the name of the very first book. I know I enjoyed it, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the book or who wrote it. UGH… hopefully someday I’ll remember. (Before I pick it up and read it again!)

Anyway… here’s the list… I haven’t written reviews on all of them… probably won’t but anyway here it is: And yes the list is in alphabetical order by Author then by book… (Can’t help myself)

Deadline-Alcorn, Randy
Edge of Eternity-Alcorn, Randy
The Crystal Cavern-Alexandar, Hannah
Spa Girls #1 – She’s All That-Billerbeck, Kristen
Cape Refuge Series – #1 Cape Refuge-Blackstock, Terri
Cape Refuge Series – #2 Southern Strom-Blackstock, Terri
Cape Refuge Series – #3 River’s Edge-Blackstock, Terri
Cape Refuge Series – #4 Breaker Reef-Blackstock, Terri
Newpointe 911 – #1 Private Justice-Blackstock, Terri
Newpointe 911 – #2 Shadow of Doubt-Blackstock, Terri
Newpointe 911 – #3 Word of Honor-Blackstock, Terri
Newpointe 911 – #4 Trial By Fire-Blackstock, Terri
Newpointe 911 – #5 Line of Duty-Blackstock, Terri
Restoration Series # 1 – Last Light-Blackstock, Terri
Suncoast Chronicles #1 Evidence of Mercy-Blackstock, Terri
Suncoast Chronicles #2 Justifiable Means-Blackstock, Terri
Suncoast Chronicles #3 Ulterior Motives-Blackstock, Terri
Suncoast Chronicles #4 Presumption of Guilt-Blackstock, Terri
The Lazarus Trap-Bunn, Davis
A Smart Chick Mystery #1 Trouble with Tulip-Clark, Mindy Starns
Million Dollar Mysteries – #1 – A Penny for Your Thoughts-Clark, Mindy Starns
Million Dollar Mysteries – #2 – Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickles-Clark, Mindy Starns
Million Dollar Mysteries – #3 – A Dime a Dozen-Clark, Mindy Starns
Million Dollar Mysteries – #4 – A Quarter for a Kiss-Clark, Mindy Starns
Million Dollar Mysteries -# 5 – The Buck Stops Here-Clark, Mindy Starns
Aloha Reef Series #1 Distant Echos-Coble, Colleen
Exilir-Davis, Bunn
Blessed Child-Decker, Ted
Father Griff Mystery #1 The Marytr’s Chapel-Delffs, DJ
Father Griff Mystery #2 The Judas Tree-Delffs, DJ
Garrison Reed Mystery #1 Whom Shall I Fear?-Dickson, Athol
Mortal Wounds-Duffy, Sue
Abuduction-Dyson, Wanda
Shadows Series #1 Shadow of Dreams-Everson, Eva
Shadows Series #2 Summon the Shadows-Everson, Eva
Shadows Series #3 Shadows of Light-Everson, Eva
Distant Memory-Gansky, Alton
Maddy Glen Mystery #1 The Incumbent-Gansky, Alton
Maddy Glen Mystery #2 Before another Dies-Gansky, Alton
Perry Sachs – A Treasure Deep-Gansky, Alton
Ghost Writer-Gutteridge, Rene
Storm Series #1 Splitting Storm-Gutteridge, Rene
Storm Series #2 (Prequel) Storm Gathering-Gutteridge, Rene
O’Malley Family #1 The Negotiator-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family #2 The Guardian-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family #3 The Truthseeker-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family #4 The Protector-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family #5 The Healer-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family #6 The Rescuer-Henderson, Dee
O’Malley Family Prequel – Danger in the Shadows-Henderson, Dee
The Justice-Hunt, Angela
A Moment of Weakness-Kingsbury, Karen
The Departed-Mackel, Kathryn
Ivy Malone Mystery #1 Invisible-McCourtney, Lorena
Burke Anderson Mystery #1 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt-Parker, Gary E
Burke Anderson Mystery #2 Death Stalks a Holiday-Parker, Gary E
Burke Anderson Mystery #3 Dark Road to Daylight-Parker, Gary E
Monster-Peritti, Frank
The Atonement Child-Rivers, Francine
The Shofar Blew-Rivers, Francine
Caught #1 Caught in the Middle-Roper, Gayle
Caught #2 Caught in the Act-Roper, Gayle
Betrayed-Rosey Dow, Andrew Snade
Firebrand-Scott, Jefferson
Duty To Die-Thompson, Janice
Life Series #1 Life Support-Whitlow, Robert
Life Series #2 Life Everlasting-Whitlow, Robert
The List-Whitlow, Robert
The Sacrifice-Whitlow, Robert
The Trial-Whitlow, Robert

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