448880: Rooms Rooms

By James L. Rubart / B&H Publishing Group

When Micah Taylor’s uncle leaves him a home on the Oregon coast, he suspects a prank—but the place is beautiful! However, bizarre things begin to happen, and Micah is told the house is “spiritual.” What’s that supposed to mean? Would God use a building to heal a man’s darkest wounds? Includes discussion questions. 400 pages, softcover from B&H.

About the book: Rich and owner of a software company with a beautiful partner both professionally and personally.  Micah Taylor has the world by the tail with no worries. Until a strange letter comes from a deceased uncle and it changes his world forever.  A beautiful home located in the town that scarred his life since he was a child now sits waiting for him. What he finds is so much more than a beautiful 9,000 square foot home on the beach.

The characters: Micah Taylor is so many people I have met. It’s all about the power, the wealth and the fame.  He lives with guilt and bitterness from his childhood that drives him even harder to be a success. The other characters were strong additions to the story.  The author did a great job with all of the characters.  With Rick you had the all important friend and mentor.  Julie, Sarah, and Shannon, these three ladies added their own appropriate aspects to the story.

My Review: Last week  I said this book made me think of Dekker/Peretti’s House meets The Shack by William P. Young.  It really did have some of the “creepiness” of House but it is much more thought provoking than The Shack was for me. In this book Rubart weaves a tale of how our choices affect our life. Micah is truly every man. We are all faced with choices and those choices lead to different outcomes in our life. This book does a great job of reminding us we can’t live in both worlds, we are either hot or we’re cold. The lukewarm, well, we know what will happen to the lukewarm.

I’m really not sure who to compare this author to, I’ve not read anyone else that has written in this style.  It was an enjoyable read that made me think.  This is a good read, that it is well written and fast paced. If you are like me you are thinking after the first third of the book, “What more can happen?”  but you will find so much more can and does happen.  It’s a book that I’ll think about for quite awhile.  Good stuff!

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2 Replies to “Rooms – James L. Rubart”

  1. You know, this one sounds intriguing. I didn’t actually like House though, it was too dark for me. Did you find this book as dark as House?

  2. No, this book was not dark like House. It was more like House in the shifting of rooms. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy House very much either. By the end of the book I felt like “kill them or let them out JUST END THIS BOOK”
    Rooms,made me think about life in similar ways as The Shack.
    It was really interesting… Do you have the Kindle? I think there’s a way for me to share the book with you, but I haven’t tried that yet…

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