422057: Forget Me Not, Crossroads Crisis Center Series #1 Forget Me Not, Crossroads Crisis Center Series #1

By Vicki Hinze / Random House, Inc

A mysterious incident leaves Susan Brandt dead—and her husband, Ben, devastated. Three years later, a similar accident occurs. The victim looks exactly like his late wife and carries Susan’s name on a crisis center’s card—but this woman survives. When somebody wants her dead, will Ben risk his life and his heart to save her? 352 pages, softcover from Multnomah.

This story was a rocket ride. At times I felt like I needed to keep a score card to keep all the players straight. There was a lot of action and interaction and I couldn’t skip over text for fear of missing a key component. The author pulls you in from the beginning and keeps you guessing. She tended to give you just enough information but not too much for you to figure it out all the while keeping your hooked on the story.

I loved the main female character. She had such depth of character and despite all she had been through her honest and open faith stood strong. It took me a little longer for me to warm up to Ben, but throughout the book he touched my heart as he dealt with his own issues. The supporting characters were wonderful, though there was one character from the Crisis Center that I questioned whether or not she was who she was suppose to be.

Without giving away too much, I loved the journey that the main characters traveled.  It was touching.

I was even more excited when I realized this was book one of a series. Ms. Hinze has done a great job putting together a strong ensemble of characters and I look forward to reading more about them.

This book is one I purchased from amazon.com.

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