320472: Breach of Trust, Call of Duty Series #1 Breach of Trust, Call of Duty Series #1
By DiAnn Mills / Tyndale House

Paige Rogers thought she had buried her past when she became the librarian in small town Split Creek, Oklahoma. But her growing relationship with high school football coach Miles Laird and the political ambitions of her former boss threaten to unmask her. Will she risk everything—even love—to expose the would-be governor’s past misdeeds? 350 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

On June 3 I shared just how much I was enjoying this book. And was very excited when the author stopped by and left a comment it. (I still am amazed at how many authors have stopped by and commented.  Really cool!)

The book finished as well as it started. DiAnn Mills created characters that are easy to love. Miles is lovable and easy to cheer for as both a football coach and a “bo” for Paige. Paige is just a great character with so much depth. As a new Christian she struggles with her past, her faith, and growing feelings toward Miles. The secondary characters add a lot to the story as well. The conflict between Walt and Chris is true to real life and high school football players. The villain and his cohorts were equally well done and added the proper tension to the story.

This book is fast paced and has some very nice twists that kept me guessing.  I love mysteries and even though it was obvious from the beginning who the “bad guy” was, there were several unknowns.

I hadn’t read anything by DiAnn Mills prior to this book, but look forward to reading more by her.  Her style is engaging and easy to read. If you like Terri Blackstock’s Private Justice series I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book.

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