The Martyr’s Chapel and The Judas Tree by D.J. Delff is about crime solving Father Grif. I picked up these books online because they were cheap and the stories sounded interesting. I wasn’t disappointed. In the The Martyr’s Chapel we see some nice twist of fate. In The Judas Tree we see the struggle with traditions of the “old” ways and the interference of modern man. We also see a young man come to a critical decision.

Great stories and the second one was a very fast read.

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  1. I love both Martyr’s Chapel and Judas Tree and have read them both about a dozen times. Beautiful imagery, lovely description of the town of Avenell and it’s college. Father Griff is such a wise, sensitive soul – I feel, when I read the book, as if I am actually speaking with someone who is baring his soul to me. His sister Bea is a hoot – I wish I had a sister Bea!! And the mysteries are not obvious. You have to read till the end to uncover the truth.
    My deepest, deepest regret is that D J Delffs has not written more Father Griff mysteries. I would order another from amazon in a heartbeat and read it over and over again. They leave me with a sense of peace and justice and of our Lord working for good in the world.

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