I’ve read a lot of really good books. However, there are some authors that write in such a way they just pull you in so deep. to their stories you feel like you are right there a part of the story. For me, Colleen Coble is that type of an author. Midnight Sea is the fourth in the Aloha Reef series. The first Colleen Coble book I ever read was Distant Echoes book 1 of the Aloha Series.

Lani is a relatively new Christian dealing her past reputation. When she is blinded in a shooting she has more to deal with than her past sins. Lani and Ben have to learn about trust and the true meaning of forgiveness. Lani and Ben also must get to the bottom of the secrets of the past than includes the father Ben never knew.

541403: Midnight Sea, Aloha Reef Series #4/ Women of Faith Series #15 Midnight Sea, Aloha Reef Series #4/ Women of Faith Series #15
By Colleen Coble / Thomas Nelson

When attacked while working at her aunt’s coffee farm, Lani Tagama awakens to only darkness. Her sight gone, maybe forever, Lani asks guide dog trainer and ex-cop Ben Mahoney to help figure out who is after her–and why. When Ben’s family is killed in a boating accident and only his small niece Meg survives, he’s sure Lani remembers more than she is saying. The tentacles of danger reach down the road to an orchid farm and stretch back thirty years to a hippie colony on Kauai.

If you have read the other stories in the series you are familiar with the characters, however, if this is the first book you’ve read in the series you won’t feel lost. The author gives enough background to understand the characters but not so much that you feel overwhelmed or bored with the information.

Another thing I like about Colleen Coble’s books is there is a line of redemption. Her characters either take the step of faith or they grow in their faith, they are better people at the end of the book than were at the beginning. They are great reminders that we, too, can or should be growing.

This was another wonderful series by Colleen Coble and I’m glad that she wrote this series. Had there not been a dolphin on the cover I might not have ever tried this author and would have missed out on some great stories!

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