OK, maybe I missed something.  This book received lots of good reviews, but I for one found it extremely long and somewhat boring. The main characters were OK they each have deep hurts and struggles, to which I’m sure people can relate too.  There were times when the descriptions of scenery and the like were so long and drawn out. Other times, the author seemed to skip from one topic to another with little to no warning.

I will give the author credit, she did give a very good resolution to the story.  The scene between Chase and Cameron was very moving. The author displayed the deep hurts in a way that will tear at your heart.

Again, if you go to Amazon you will find the majority of reviews (all but one) saying favorable things about the story.  Maybe the problem is I’m addicted to stories that give you an adrenaline rush from the opening pages and this story doesn’t give it to you.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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