First – Age Before Beauty then came Scent of Murder,  and most recently Third Time’s a Charm and now A Daughter’s Legacy. Love Inspired is generally not my first choice.  I have a thing for dead bodies I enjoy mysteries. (Yes, I’m sick, very sick) However, when you find a good writer the genre takes a backseat. Virginia Smith is one of those authors. Once again Virginia provides you with likeable and relatable characters. First is Kelli Jackson, the daughter of a well known zoologist, Lillian Mitchell, who was raised by her paternal grandmother and works as an accountant. The late Lilly Mitchell had a passion for lions. A passion that was more important than her daughter. Then you have Jason Andover, who considered Lillian not just a mentor, but like a mother. He had his own past and problems.

This is a love conquers all story, but it is more than that. If the reader has baggage from the past this book will challenge you to look at that baggage. You’ll find yourself asking, “Am I stifling my life and happiness because I won’t forgive that person that hurt me?” You may also ask, “Am I taking the easy way out of this situation because I don’t want to fight for what is truly right?”

Another thing I enjoyed about the story was learning about the zoos and how they work behind the signs. I read the book while on vacation where my son and I visited the World Famous San Diego Zoo. The story gave me a new appreciation for the work the keepers do in preparing food and caring for the animals.

If you enjoy romance novels this is a great read! If you enjoy good writing this is engaging, educational, and a quick read this is a good choice. If you only read books with dead bodies, you might not want to skip this one (unless the meal worms that were fed to the porcupines count!)

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875986: A Daughter"s Legacy A Daughter’s Legacy
By Virginia Smith / Steeple Hill Books

To receive her inheritance and make peace with her late mother, Kelli Jackson must abide by the woman’s will. Even though it means working as a zookeeper for six months-with animals that terrify her. How can she possibly explain her fears-and her past-to her handsome boss, Jason Andover? The glimpses of kindness-and painful secrets-she sees in his eyes slowly have her sharing everything. But then she makes a startling discovery-one that may tear them apart forever. Unless she can return the gift of love he’s given her.

A special thank you to Virginia Smith for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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