443765: Storm Warning Storm Warning
By Linda Hall / Steeple Hill Books

The rustic lakeside homestead is supposed to be a refuge for widow Nori Edwards; however the moment she arrives, strange and frightening things start happening. Former police officer Steve Baylor vows to protect Nori and she finally feels safe. But danger won’t stay hidden forever…

I enjoy Linda Hall’s writing. It is an easy style to read and she writes characters that are easy to relate with. The characters in this book are also to relate with. Both Nori and Steve are hurting from the loss of a spouse. They both have struggles and insecurities related to these losses. Add into the mix strange happenings at the haunted lodge that Nori now calls home. You get a good mystery. As the story plays out you’ll get an idea early on who the villain is, but you probably won’t get it all figured out until the ending.

I enjoyed this book, maybe not as well as some of her others. But it was well written with characters that I really liked. My heart broke for Nori and her pain. If you want a story that is easy to read and an enjoyable story this is an excellent choice.

You can learn more about Linda Hall and her books at: http://www.writerhall.com/

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