Freedom's LightFreedom’s Light by Colleen Coble
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History came alive for me in this story!

There was so much about the Revolutionary War I really didn’t realize. I knew the basics but I never realized that there were those who lived in America that believed we should continue being loyal to England.

This story captivated me from the beginning. Hannah has so much spunk and passion for her God and her family. She was a strong woman that was easy to admire. The author did a great job making Birch a character to love as well. He had baggage that he had carried too long and I loved how justice played out in this story. Lydia broke my heart as much as she broke Hannah’s. And I didn’t expect the resolution of her story to go the direction it did.

The thing that really hit me hard with this story was the treatment of Hannah and Lydia by the town’s “religious” leaders, the Puritans. Not to give too much away, but it was truly a sad time in our Christian heritage.

If you enjoy historical fiction or Colleen Coble as an author you’re going to enjoy this story. If you enjoy historical fiction AND Colleen Coble as an author you’re going to LOVE this story.

Disclaimer: I did receive this copy free from the publisher through I was under no obligation to give a review and the thoughts I express are my own.

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