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Everyone knows that war romances never last . . .
After a whirlwind romance and wedding, Helen Eberhart Daley, an army nurse, and Lieutenant Frank Daley, M.D. are sent to the front lines of Europe with only letters to connect them for months at a time.

Surrounded by danger and desperately wounded patients, they soon find that only the war seems real—and their marriage more and more like a distant dream. If they make it through the war, will their marriage survive?

Based on the incredible true love story, With Love, Wherever You Are is an adult novel from beloved children’s author Dandi Daley Mackall.


My Review

Honestly, I was afraid I wouldn’t like this book I won a copy of it from the ACFW Reading Group as the July discussion book. I must say it was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read this year.

The author did a great job of weaving the letters her parents wrote to each other into a gripping story that helped me see World War II more like it was, a very hard time for our soldiers and other medical personnel.

If you want to experience history in an entertaining and moving way, this is definitely a book for you. The author does share additional insights about her parents, their story, and what aspects of this book are fictional.

I would definitely buy this for certain friends that enjoy history.

Disclaimer: I did receive this book for free from the author as part of the ACFW Reading Group. I was not obligated to write a review.

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