The last book of 2009 was a very different book for me to read. I think it would follow under the genre of HORROR okay, maybe its just suspenseful.
House of Dark Shadows is the story of a family making the move from metropolitan Pasadena to rural, backwoods Pinedale. This is much to the dismay of their oldest son, Xander. From the first time he steps foot on the property of their soon to be new house he has a “weird” feeling. Then his brother,David, steps into the linen closet and disappears.  Xander follows and finds himself coming out of locker 119 at the local school.  This fun little adventure leads to more exploration of the strange house, which in turn leads them on more adventures. 

This is a good read possibly for those who do not think they would like this genre. Mr. Liparulo does a great job of drawing you into the story but he does not scare the daylights out of you in the process. The characters overall are very well developed. The mother is probably the least developed character, but then again we moms do tend to blend into the background.

If you enjoy Ted Dekker’s books then you will find this book enjoyable.

547279: House of Dark Shadows, Dreamhouse Kings Series #1 House of Dark Shadows, Dreamhouse Kings Series #1

By Robert Liparulo / Thomas Nelson

When the Kings move to a new home in a new town, the house seems odd at first; but things get really strange when they realize that some rooms are portals to other worlds. The Kings face terrifying dangers within the rooms of their home, but it still seems like an adventure until people start coming out of the rooms and into the house. When one of the intruders kidnaps their mother, they must find a way to rescue her-but who would believe such a fantastical story?

1/1/2010 CBD price: $7.69

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