I was first introduced to Virginia Smith when she was looking for people to review her book, Age Before Beauty.  In that book I found another wonderful author and a friend. Ginny and I have exchanged many emails and of course, we’re friends on Facebook!

This month I’m excited to have her as my featured author.

When you reach heaven, other than Jesus, what Biblical character are you most looking forward to meeting and why?

The apostle John. I just finished reading Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple, and I learned so many things I didn’t know about John. He was there with Jesus from the beginning, and one of the three who were often pulled aside. I want to get his perspective on Jesus as a person, and as a leader, and as the Christ to a young Jewish man of that time.

What would be the first question you would like to ask him/her?

Scholars believe John was the youngest disciple, so that might mean he took the special role traditionally reserved for the youngest during the Passover meal. I want to ask him about that. I also want to know whether some of the historical notes uncovered about him were true – how did the Romans try to kill him before they exiled him to Patmos? What was it like to be exiled on a prison island? And I want more details about his vision of Revelation!

When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

A criminal judge. When I was in seventh grade, my Social Studies class did a mock trial and I was selected to be the judge. Judge Jezebel Justice! I loved the experience, and decided I wanted to study law, practice law for a few years, and then become a judge. Then for a while when I was in high school, I changed my desired occupation. I decided I wanted to be a rock star.

Of all the characters you’ve written which one would be your favorite? and why?

I can’t possibly choose just one! I get really attached to each one of my characters. Of course, Mayla Strong, from Just As I Am and Sincerely, Mayla is a special one, because she has such a unique personality and a sincere desire to serve the Lord. Joan Sanderson from Stuck in the Middle is special because she is so much like me in her relationship with her sisters and her search for a meaningful relationship with her heavenly Father. Allie Harrod in Age before Beauty is also like me in the way she jumps into everything head-first and gives it her all. And Tori Sanderson in the upcoming Third Time’s a Charm is also a favorite because when I first started writing her book, she was the least like me – or so I thought. But as her story unfolded and I got to know her better, I realized she and I have more in common than I thought. I really could go on and on. I love every one of my characters!

Oh a lot more books i need to read!!!! YEAH!

We see a lot of advice out there for writers, but what advice would you give someone like me, who enjoys reading and writing reviews on a book? What makes a good review?

Oh goodness, a reviewer is actually asking me, a writer, what makes a good review! Woo hoo! I love this question! To me, a good review is one that starts out with an engaging, brief summary of the story, and then gives the reviewer’s honest opinion of the book. A good review never gives away critical points in the plot, or the ending. A good reviewer limits his or her comments to the book being reviewed, and doesn’t go off on sidetracks or diatribes, or make personal attacks on the author. As a writer, I hope reviews of my book will be written in a manner that makes other people want to read the book. But I also am extremely interested in hearing what a reviewer really thinks. Unfortunately, not every book appeals to every reader, and if my book isn’t that reviewer’s cup of tea, it’s okay to say so. Authors tend to be a little touchy about their ‘babies,’ though, so I appreciate reviewers who possess enough skill to state their opinions with sensitivity. Remember, many writers do read reviews of their books.

Thanks for the advice, I will try to keep these in mind! And thank you for taking the time to let me interview you. 

You can visit Ginny’s website at: http://www.virginiasmith.org


My Review

I bought Scent of Murder back in July during my read-a-thon vacation. I was pleasantly surprised that Ginny Smith not only writes excellent contemporary stories, but she writes a very good mystery. The characters in this story have personality and spunk. The story moved quickly and kept me turning the pages.  There are a couple of nice twists in the story that added an unexpected dimension.  

If you’re a fan of Ginny Aiken then you will find Virginia Smith equally as enjoyable.  


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