When I read the first book in this series “Deeper Water” I enjoyed it but wasn’t overly impressed. However, I wasn’t about to miss the second installment to the Tides of Truth Series.  I was not disappointed.

Tami Taylor, a beautiful law student from an ultra conservative religious home, is continuing to grow as a person and a law student at a prestigious law firm . This story opens with Tami being assigned to a case that makes her extremely nervous. A wealthy real estate developer wants to sue a local pastor.

In this story we see Tami struggle with her need to show reverence to her family and her upbringing and becoming her own person.  In a sense she is“working out her faith.” Her relationship with Zach goes to new levels when Tami takes him home to meet her family. To say that sparks fly, well, you need to read it to believe it.

Once again Mr. Whitlow story has many diminishes and subplots all woven together in an entertaining and thought provoking story.

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544490: Higher Hope, Tides of Truth Series #2 Higher Hope, Tides of Truth Series #2
By Robert Whitlow / Thomas Nelson

Tami Taylor faces impossible challenges in life, law, and love–until she discovers a higher hope. In historic Savannah, Georgia, a prestigious law firm assigns law clerk Tami Taylor to a libel case against a humble street preacher whose disciples claim she has uncanny prophetic abilities. Taylor’s strict religious upbringing proves to be the firm’s ace-in-the-hole as the case grows increasingly complex.

When Tami begins to date one of the firm’s lawyers, her convictions and litigation skills are put to the test. Turns out this case will require more than legal maneuvering, but also the summoning of a greater hope than Tami has ever known.

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