Can I just say “WHAT A RIDE?” This was an amazing story with several subplots happening.  I enjoyed the way Mr. James told the story from a first person view as well as the omnipresent view.  The characters were all well written and I found myself being caught up in the emotional pain they were experiencing.

If you enjoy Brandilyn Collins, Mr. James is a more intense and more graphic writer.  (Which after reading the Kanner Lake Series I didn’t think I would ever find someone more intense!) Some of the scenes were so well written they made me a little squeamish.

732400: The Pawn, The Bower Files Series #1 The Pawn, The Bower Files Series #1
By Steven James / Baker

Special Agent Patrick Bowers has met only one person he’s feared—until now. Working on a North Carolina serial murder case, he’s caught in a macabre game of cat-and-mouse with a cunning killer called the Illusionist. The pieces of the puzzle don’t add up. Can Bowers unravel the pattern in time to save the next victim?

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