This is a good book, not a great book, but a good one.

Some books when you read them, they just suck you in and you feel the emotion of the characters and you cry when they cry.  This is book didn’t do it for me.

But it kept me turning the pages and trying to figure out who killed the wonderful Dennis. There is a very good message in the story, however, as you see Gracie Lee deal with the truth of her late husband.  You see God’s love in action as Gracie Lee puts her own feelings on hold to support the woman carrying the child of her late husband.


785895: Love The Sinner Love The Sinner
By Lynn Bulock / Steeple Hill Books

I, Gracie Lee Harris, do hereby declare I had nothing to do with the murder of my two-timing, con man husband. But I do know three women who could have killed Dennis: his devoted mother who gave him her life savings-which he squandered; his disillusioned daughter who gave him her college fund-again, squandered; and his pregnant almost-fiancie, whom he’d left with empty promises and unpaid bills. With the help of some new friends-and the Lord-I’ll find the killer. hopefully without becoming the next victim!

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