I must admit right away, I enjoyed this book much more than book two of the Bug Man series, Chop Shop, Though being a friend to Nick Polchak is sorta like the guy with the red shirt that beams down to the planet in the original Star Trek episodes. And that’s as much of a spoiler as I’m going to give you.

This was a very good book. The setting for the story begins the day before Katrina is set to hit land. Mr. Downs does an excellent job of drawing a picture of what life was like in the days that followed this devastation. He weaves a story of Nick’s own personal journey but tells the story a bigger story of heartbreak, revenge, and corruption.

I have found one thing about the series that is mildly disturbing. If you didn’t see this book in the Christian bookstore I don’t think you would recognize it as a “Christian” book. After reading three books, there is nothing overtly Christian in them. There have been some scattered references to prayer and “thanking God” and in book two Riley indiciated she was at peace with her future. I do appreciate the fact that Mr. Downs will write “Nick cursed” or in this book we had a couple of “Son of a ” but he didn’t finish the statement. I appreciate that. I’m not saying it is wrong to write books under the “Christian” label that don’t necessarily have a blantant Christian message. If you read my reviews you’ll know I do love a book with a strong line of redemption. But as I read this series I see them as good books I could share with a non-Christian friend that would beat them over the head with Chrisitanity. I have book four of the series and I know there is a book five coming out. I look forward to seeing where Nick goes next both professionally and spiritually.

540249: First the Dead, A Bug Man Series #3

First the Dead, A Bug Man Series #3

By Tim Downs / Thomas Nelson

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina all government agencies were ordered to assist with efforts to rescue those who had survived. “First the Living” was the clear mandate given to everyone–including those who were there as part of the DMORT team and whose specialty was identifying and notifying the families of the deceased. But there’s a problem with that plan when forensic entomologist Nick Polchek realizes that some of the bodies he’s seeing in the putrid waters flooding New Orleans were dead prior to the hurricane making landfall. Someone thought the hurricane would cover any evidence and literally allow them to get away with murder. But what are they trying to hide? And who could have been so certain that a hurricane of this magnitude?

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