I’m very excited to host my first interview and give away. I have the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite authors, Colleen Coble and the give away, her book Cry in the Night.

Cry in the Night is the tenth Colleen Coble book I’ve read. I first fell in love with Colleen Coble’s writing with her book Distance Echoes. I bought it at Sam’s Club simply because it was Christian fiction and there was a dolphin on the cover.  (I LOVE dolphins).  This story was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The Rock Harbor series captured my heart from the opening pages, of Without a Trace. Cry in the Night is no exception. You feel the pain of Bree as she deals with her infertility and then struggles as she deals with the truth of her not so dead husband. This story didn’t always move as quickly as early books in the series, but it does move quickly and you just might find yourself in tears more than once in the final chapters. You definitely want to read the acknowledgements at the end of the book for a very special treat!

I want to thank Colleen for taking the time to interview with me.

When you reach heaven, other than Jesus, what Biblical character are you most looking forward to meeting and why?

Oh Peter! He’s just like me–impetuous, foot in mouth. LOL

What question would you first ask him/her?

I’d ask him what was his first thought when he got out of the boat and didn’t sink!

When you were a little girl what did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer. Can you believe it? I wrote my first story in first grade and it was about a horse that had twin colts. Even back then I had animals in my stories. The teacher praised it and I began to imagine that I might write books. That dream went underground for a while until I had a younger brother killed in a freak lightning accident when I was 38. I realized if I was ever going to follow my dream, I needed to get on with it.

Of all the characters you’ve written which one would be your favorite? And why?

Bree from the Rock Harbor series. There’s a lot of myself in her and she’s as real to me as anyone in my family. So strange!

Cry in the Night was another excellent book in the Rock Harbor series, will we see more from Bree and Kade Matthews?

Oh yes! I’ve got another book percolating!

Thank you so much Colleen for taking the time to interview with me.  I am giving away a copy of Cry in the Night.  So leave a comment with your contact information – I’ll draw the winner on August 15th.

Thanks for stopping by, next month I’ll have another interview and drawing.

You can visit Colleen Coble’s website at: http://www.colleencoble.com/content/

To win a copy of Cry in the Night please leave a comment with contact information. I’ll do the drawing on August 15th.

542489: Cry in the Night, Rock Harbor Series #4 Cry in the Night, Rock Harbor Series #4
By Colleen Coble / Thomas Nelson

Bree Nichols gets the shock of her life when her husband–presumed dead–reappears.

Bree and her search and rescue dog Samson discover a crying infant in the densely forested woods outside Rock Harbor, Michigan. Against objections from her husband, Kade, who knows she’ll become attached, Bree takes the baby in. Quickly she begins a search for the mother–presumably the woman reported missing just days earlier.

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