OK True confession time.  I didn’t think I would like this book. I won it in a contest and I only entered the contest because the blogger has become a friend of mine and I wanted to support her contest. At the time, I was disappointed when I actually won. When I finished my last book, I asked my ten year to pick the next book for me. I was mildly annoyed that he picked this one. However, I no longer feel that way!  I thanked him for choosing this book.

This is an excellent story. It is well written and having it written in the first person really brought it to life for me. Ms. Higley does a very nice job of telling the story, and she kept me guessing on who the real culprit was.

Since I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction I can’t compare Ms. Higley’s writing with anyone else. I can say that if you want a well written story, with vivid descriptions of Ancient Egypt then you will enjoy this story.

You can visit Ms. Higley’s website at: www.tlhigley.com where she has video clips of her journey to the pyramids that her story is based on.

447316: City of the Dead, Seven Wonders Series #2 City of the Dead, Seven Wonders Series #2
By T.L. Higley / B & H Publishing Group

Up from the sands of Egypt rises the Great Pyramid, where Hemiunu, Pharaoh’s Grand Vizier, commands the historic building project as he orders his life-with justice, truth, and precision. But when a series of murders at the site threatens chaos, Hemi must abandon his legacy to hunt down the killer who may be closer than he would like to think. Can he restore justice to the city before his careful life and work are destroyed, or will a mysterious people and their strange God uncover the secret past that Hemi has tried to forget?

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