This book, was too cute! I actually had won the second book in the series, Polly Dent Looses Grip but the author was gracious enough to send me book 1 as well.

LaTisha Barnhart and her husband, Hardy are simply delightful. LaTisha is a robust older woman who is getting her Police Science degree online. And when she finds her former employer dead just a few hours after LaTisha had purchased some books LaTisha goes to work.

In most of these stories the professional law enforcement doesn’t welcome the help from the private citizen. But in a nice twist, the local police chief enlist LaTisha’s help. The story has some nice twists to keep you guessing. It is lighthearted and fun, but has one of my favorite things, a dead body within the first few pages. (Yes, I’m a tad morbid).

If you enjoy Ginny Aiken, then you should enjoy this story as well.  Both authors offer stories with chuckles, yet the stories are not all fluff, this story explores some of the deep emotions that we women will face as we get older.

To learn more about Ms. Moore you can check out her website

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