294011: Chop Shop, A Bug Man Series #2 Chop Shop, A Bug Man Series #2
By Tim Downs / Howard Books

An autopsy room is where secrets are revealed…or buried. Young Dr. Riley McKay has worked hard to earn a fellowship at the renowned Allegheny County Coroner’s Office in Pittsburgh. But her promising future is threatened when suspicious activities incriminate her supervising pathologist, Dr. Nathan Lassiter. Bungled autopsies, concealed evidence, and unexplained wounds accumulate at an alarming rate. When Riley is ignored by her seniors and threatened by Dr. Lassiter, she turns in desperation to Dr. Nick Polchak, the Bug Man, to help her uncover the truth.

If you’re looking for a story with happy endings, then don’t read this book. However, if you want a story that will intrigue you and keep you guessing what will happen next and how this will all play out, then then by all means read this book.

Tim Downs writes stories that you will find entertaining, but they will also make you think. They also remind you that not everything in life ends with happily ever after. I already have the next two books in the Bug Man Series and I look forward to where Mr. Downs will take Nick.

I’ll leave my judgment on whether or not I truly like this series of books until I finish all of them. Regardless of my current feelings about Chop Shop. I do want to finish the series.

You can learn more about Tim Downs at his website: www.timdowns.net

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