So Dark the Night – Margaret Daley

I’ve been reading Margaret Daley’s blog off and on for several weeks and reading her post in the ACFW’s reading group and I liked what I “saw.” So I was able to pick up one of Margaret’s older books, So Dark the Night from I actually picked up another of her books, Vanished. I figured out after about 10 pages of Vanished that So Dark the Night was the first chronologically and I have to read them in order!

I enjoyed this book very much! It had moments that were humorous (though not many), monents of sadness, and some very touching and JOYFUL moments. It was very enjoyable.
Margaret did a great job of drawing me into the story. I felt for the characters and related with Emma. “How could God love me?”
Yes, the ulimate ending is predicitable, however, the story is well written and will keep you guessing who the bad “guy” was.
I’m looking forward to reading Vanished and other books by Margaret Daley. If you like Terri Blackstock or Mindy Starns Clark suspense novels then you will also enjoy this story. Absolutely WONDERFUL!
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