I’ve read several of the books on my list. I’m probably going to wait on the Hideaway Series until I get the complete set. I really want to read them start to finish.

A Gracie Lee Mystery – Love the Sinner – Lynn Bulock

A Silent Terror -  Lynette Eason – Next to read

A Time to Mend – Angela Hunt

Bug Man Novel #2 – Chop Shop – Tim Downs

Bug Man Novel #3 – First the Dead -Tim Downs

Bug Man Novel #4 – Less than Dead – Tim Downs

City of the Dead – T.L. Higley

Cry in the Night, Rock Harbor – Colleen Coble

Dangerous Game – Lyn Cote

Dixie Hearts

Hideaway Series #01 – Hideaway – Hannah Alexander

Hideaway Series #02 – Safe Haven – Hannah Alexander

Hideaway Series #03 – Last Resort – Hannah Alexander

Hideaway Series #06 – Under Suspicion -Hannah Alexander

Hideaway Series #08 – Death Benefits  -Hannah Alexandar

Hideaway Series #10 – Hideaway Home – Hannah Alexander

Kiss  – Ted Dekker & Erin Healy

LaTisha Barnhart Mystery #1 – Murder on the Ol’ Bunions
S. Dionne Moore

LaTIsha Barnhart Mystery #2 – Polly Den Loses Grip
S. Dionne Moore

Lying on Sunday – Sharon K. Souza

Martyr’s Song # 1 – Heaven’s Wager – Ted Dekker

Martyr’s Song # 2 – When Heaven Weeps – Ted Dekker

Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery #2 – The Final Crumpet
Ron and Janet Benrey

Seaside – Terri Blackstock

Second Chances #2 When Dreams Cross – Terri Blackstock

Second Chances #3 Blind Trust – Terri Blackstock

Second Chances #4 Broken Wings – Terri Blackstock

Shadows in the Mirror – Linda Hall

So Dark the Night  – Margaret Daley Currently Reading

The Face  – Angela Hunt

The Pawn  – Steven James

Vanished – Margaret Daley

Where Yesterday Lives – Karen Kingsbury

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