I was finally able to finish this book today. Grad classes and work are cutting into my pleasure reading!

But I’m glad I was able to finish this book. This is the first book I’ve read by Brandt Dodson, but I doubt it will be my last.

This was a quick paced books with strong characters. I found myself feeling for Laura and her struggles. Daniel was also a great character, very typical male, in trying to do it himself and protecting his emotions. And as true villains should be, it was very easy to dislike them!

This book tells a familiar story for our day, corruption in government, corporate executives looking out for number one at the expense of the people they’re hired to serve. (For views on today’s politics and the like, visit my friend’s blog at www.harmonicminer.com)

For me there weren’t any “deeper” meanings in this book, it did contain something I love to see in books, a line of redemption.

Brandt Dodson’s writing style is easy to read and follow the story. There were times when I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough it probably isn’t as intense as a Brandilyn Collins or Terri Blackstock. If you enjoy Brandilyn Collins or Terri Blackstock you will enjoy this story.

924771: Daniel"s Den
Daniel’s Den

By Brandt Dodson / Harvest House Publishers

Daniel Borden is a thirty-year-old government accountant who lives a quiet life and plays by the rules. But when events transpire that shatter his orderly world and a team of assassins mark him for death, Daniel must flee for his life.

While on the run, Daniel encounters Laura Sky. Carefree and easygoing, Laura is everything that Daniel isn’t. But when the killers assigned to eliminate Daniel find him at Laura’s bed-and-breakfast, gunfire erupts and the two set out on the run once again.

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