Busy Week!

I’ve finished one book this week and started two more.

The book I finished –

Traces of Guilt (An Evie Blackwell Cold Case) by Dee Henderson

The newest book by Dee Henderson. It just released on Tuestay. It is EXCELLENT!!  I love how Henderson draws in charaters from her other stories. In this story she introduces Evie Blackwell who is a really great character. I like the way she thinks and I’m looking forward to see how Henderson develops Evie.


What I’m Reading Now…

Dubiosity by Christy Barritt

I love Christy’s books and I’ve heard good things about this one. So far it’s not disappointing me.



Medical Judgment by Dr. Richard Mabry

Just getting started with this one, but it looks like it’s going to be another excellent book by Dr. Mabry.

The interesting thing about these two stories is both have women who have lost their husband and a child. They are also both being watched.

This book releases May 17, 2016

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