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Things are finally starting to fall into a steady rhythm in the small town of Goose Creek, Kentucky. Millie Richardson is hard at work renovating a drafty Victorian house into a B&B. Her husband, Al, is busy writing checks for the renovations. And the new vet, Susan, has finally found acceptance from the town—not to mention a hunky new boyfriend, Justin.
But things never stay quiet for long in Goose Creek. The inner-county softball game is coming up, and Millie volunteers Al as team manager. But the softball team is a disaster. If they’re not going to embarrass themselves in front of the whole of Franklin County, Al needs Justin to play. But Justin lives just outside the city limits, and the rules say that players must live in town.
As if that weren’t enough to keep the town gossips busy, a massage therapist has come to town and opened up shop. Imagine—a massage parlor!—inGoose Creek! No decent Creeker will stand for it.
It’s up to Al and Millie—again—to save the day.

My Review

This book picks up the fun where book one left off. Millie and Albert are still trying to get Goose Creek’s first bed and breakfast off the ground. As with the first book it never goes smoothly and that generally means some laughs and usually at Albert’s expense.

Mayor Jerry is having his own headaches with people meddling in the water tower painting project and the 4th of July softball game against the rival town. It all makes for a lot of fun to read.
This series is just one of those you like to sit back and read with a glass of lemonade. I love watching the antics of small town America. It reminds me of where I grew up.
This one is almost as good as book one (I’m not sure I laughed as much during this one as the first one) and I’m definitely looking forward to book three.
I do recommend reading this series in order. Each book including the prequel serves to tell the whole story. And if you skip book one you’ll just miss out on some much!
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