This is a situation of “firsts.” This is the first book I’ve read by Amy Deardon and it is a first of reading the genre, Christian Science Fiction.

I must admit this has been a genre that hasn’t appealed to me. And although this is a well-written story with very good main characters and an ending that left me wanting more, I’m still not crazy about science fiction. Sorry Amy!

However, the story is a page turner that kept me up more than one night.

The main characters are well written. You will find yourself rooting for Benjamin and Sara and holding your breath in anticipating what will happen next. Of course, there’s Gideon, not to give too much away, but yes, there’s Gideon another well developed character.

I enjoyed the historical piece the most. Amy did a very nice job describing first century Jerusalem during the Passover time. I also appreciated the fact that she used the name Yeshua for Jesus and Yacov for James the brother of Jesus.

All in all an enjoyable story and this coming from someone who isn’t a fan of scifi.

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