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A Regency-Era Costume Party Should Have Been an Amusing Diversion, But it Seems Wherever Drew Farthering Goes, Mystery–and Murder–Are on the Guest List

Drew and Madeline Farthering arrive at a Regency-era house party at Winteroak House, excited to be reunited with old friends, including Drew’s former Oxford classmate Talbot Cummins. Tal is there with his fiancée, Alice Henley, and though many present seem worried about the couple, nobody is prepared when Alice dies from an apparent overdose. Tal refuses to believe she’d taken the drugs intentionally, and a dark question arises of whether the death is an accident or murder.

The police have their own information though, and Drew is shocked when they arrest someone he’s trusted and admired since his childhood–someone who’s been smuggling drugs into the country for years. Stunned by what has happened, Tal begs Drew to get to the bottom of everything, but Drew has never felt more unsettled. Questioning his own ability to see people as they really are, Drew doesn’t know whom to trust, and he’s not ready for the secrets he’s about to uncover–or the danger he’ll bring down on everyone he holds dear.


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My Review

First time reading Julianna Deering and I loved her story. Drew and Madeline are a wonderful couple. I loved how they compliment each other. I also enjoyed this story enough I want to go back and read the earlier books.

Unlike a Blackstock or Collins story where you often have a dead body within the first few pages, this story introduced you to the characters and developed the backdrop of the story first. The first dead body appears about a quarter through the book.

The author allows the reader to try and figure out who the antagonist is along with the hero. The action and storyline flowed at a good pace. I was definitely surprised with the twists the author took the story.

If you enjoy a good mystery I would definitely recommend this one. If you’re an adrenaline junkie that needs the pace of a Blackstock or Collins this one might be a little slow for you.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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  1. This is a super series. I’ve read all the other books so am really looking forward to Dressed by Death.

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