I’ve been using this book as my devotional book for the past couple of week and have enjoyed it very much. Shirley brings a freshness and simplicity to life that too many of us, OK I’m talking about me, have lost.

The past twenty-three years I’ve lived in the fast pace life of Southern California. However, I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma on an 80 acre farm. Shirley shares stories of her life on the farm. She does a very nice job of bringing home the truth that we can and should see God in the simplest things around us. She reminds us that it is important to see God in the simple things.

If you are looking for a devotional that gives you a solid scripture, an enjoyable story with nuggets of life truths, and a prayer that challenges or encourages you then this is a devotional for you.

You can check out Shirley’s blog at: http://apenforyourthoughts.blogspot.com/
Or her website at: http://shirleykoinonia.tripod.com/

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