About the Book

A quest for truth draws Faith Andersen into the world of human smugglers; and a life-changing experience in the Arizona desert.

When Faith Andersen’s best friend asks her to help a stranger, she has no idea the problem is murder. The victim, a smuggler who brought both drugs and human beings over the Mexican border, had plenty of enemies. And even more dangerous friends.

When Pastor John Menard discovers Faith is poking into a homicide, he fears for her safety.

Spiced with danger and opposing beliefs, their mutual attraction grows. But have they gotten themselves into more trouble than either of them could have imagined?

Meet the Author

My Review

I wouldn’t call this a great story but I would call it a good story. The main characters of this story each had baggage from their past they made them real and relatable. The story was fairly well written and kept me guessing until it was solved. The author did give hints that helped it come together, but she didn’t make them super obvious.

Although, not a riveting story I do hope to read additional stories in this series. I would love to see how she develops the Faith character.

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