731387: Stranded, Ivy Malone Mystery Series #4 Stranded, Ivy Malone Mystery Series #4

By Lorena McCourtney / Baker

* Meet a cursed-with-curiosity-widow-turned-detective whose snooping has landed her on the Mafia hit list! On the run from the mob, Ivy, her traveling companion, and a stray cat are invited to stay in an old Victorian house owned by a compassionate attorney. But when Ivy discovers that her benefactor may be a murderer, she’s on the case—and in over her head! 320 pages, softcover from Revell.

I so enjoy Ivy Malone, and this story was equally as fun as the first three. Lorena writes an excellent story with excellent characters, albeit some of them are little odd, or maybe I should say “nutty.” I thought I had it all figured and come to find out I was half write.

It appears that this is the last story in the Ivy Malone series, though I feel that somethings were left unfinished. I guess I want everything tied up with a nice, neat bow on top. I didn’t get it this time either.

I enjoy Lorena’s writing style and hope to read her newest series the “Andi McConnell Mysteries.”

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