730461: Interior Motives, Deadly De"cor Mystery Series #3 Interior Motives, Deadly De’cor Mystery Series #3

By Ginny Aiken / Baker

* Interior designer Haley and contractor Dutch clash over just about everything—but when their new client mysteriously dies, the creative cohorts are forced to stop sparring and start sleuthing! Can they solve the crime before they drive each other crazy? Find out in this lighthearted sequel to Design on a Crime and Decorating Schemes. 288 pages, softcover from Revell.

Now My Thoughts…
Book 3 of the Deadly Decore Mysteries and in many ways I hope not the last. Since for me there are some things left unresolved. And like Haley I don’t like things to be left undone. Anyway… this was another enjoyable story. Though I still find Bella more than a little annoying.

In some ways I really like Haley. She’s the story of what God can do with someone who was broken and very damaged, both physically and emotionally. However, she was able to turn back to her faith and is learning to rely on God. Though she still reminds me of a bull in a China Shop as she plows head long into situations that she shouldn’t.

OK, there a few things that bug me about Haley, namely because she is that bull in the China Shop and she has a tendency to jump to conclusions about people.

Again, an enjoyable light hearted story and hopefully not the last we’ll read about Haley.

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