About this Book

Dr. Elena Gardner learns an OB patient of her fiancé, Dr. David Merritt, is suffering frequent beatings at the hands of her husband. Despite Elena’s advice, the wife refuses to take legal action against her abusing husband. David is so frustrated that he loudly and publicly voices his desire to beat the man senseless. When someone actually kills the husband in that fashion, David’s off-hand expression leads him to the sheriff’s office. As the situation worsens, the two doctors form a partnership with a new attorney in town in order to fight a murder charge.

About the Author

In addition to the practice of medicine, my past includes a stint overseas in the US Air Force, several periods as an interim music minister, and an all-too-brief experience as a semi-pro baseball player. In other words, there’s more to me than “M.D.” covers. Let me share a little about myself.

My Review

I bought this because it was written by Richard Mabry and it was on sale. I didn’t realize it was a very short book, only about 80 pages. But packed in those 80 pages was an excellent story.

I really liked the main characters, Elena and David. They compliment each other’s personalities and are real. They want to help their patient get out of a bad situation. But when her abusive husband is murdered they realize there is more than what meets the eye.

The story, although short, was enjoyable. The action had to move quickly but was well done. The only thing I can complain about is I didn’t know who the killer was until it was revealed. If the author gave any clues they were too subtle for me to pick up. So yes it surprised me!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Richard Mabry. If you’ve not read this author, this is a quick introduction to his style for a very low price.  Check him out!

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