No full review this week, but I’ll have one next week that I hope everyone enjoys. It is Beth Vogt‘s newest book,Crazy Little Thing Called Love: A Destination Wedding Novel. It is scheduled to release next Tuesday. Even though I haven’t finished the book I highly recommend it!!!

It is the first full novel in Beth’s new series “Destination Weddings” and the second one of the series. The first was a novella called, Can’t Buy Me Love (Destination Wedding), which is currently only  $0.99! However, these are definitely stand alone stories, tied together with the destination wedding theme. 

Vanessa, our main female character, is so likeable. Although, I can not relate with her growing up as a military kid and all the moves that involved I still felt for her. The struggles of always moving having to make new friends the constant change. It would be hard on a child. 

The story really starts moving about half way through the book. It seemed like yesterday I was at 45% then just a few minutes ago I check and I’m 80% done. Even though I know where it’s headed for the ending I can hardly wait to see how the author gets me there. The story has a lot of emotion to it, but not weepy emotion like some books. Not sure how I would describe the emotions but one is gratefulness for friends like Mindy in the story. They are there for you even when you’ve been distant. 

You can expect my full review next week, but I can tell you it’s a winner for those of you who love romance books. 

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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