This past week since the end of my vacation has been a whirlwind of activity. Unfortunately, I don’t have a book review ready to go, but I do have some good books to talk about. 

The first one I want to mention is actually a box set featuring ten excellent authors. Well, I guess I should say at least three excellent authors. I’ve not finished the entire set yet but the ones I’ve read have been really good! The set is Red Hot Squeaky Clean Romance Collection: Ten Shades of Inspirational Romance

The opening story is by one of my favorite authors, Christy Barritt. In this book she introduces readers to a new series, Caroline Moon. Book one, Home Before Dark, features a country music singer who has gone to North Carolina for her father’s funeral. She soon discovers that there may be more to her father’s accident than she orginially thought. It was a really good story, with solid action and excellent characters. I really liked our female lead, Daleign McDermott. From the opening pages I felt for in the loss of her father. Likewise, her strained relationship with her sister and her boyfriend add to the story. This book gives more than just an entertaining story, there are lots of life lessons in this story. 

The second book was written by Lynette Bonner, an author I was not familiar with but enjoyed. Her story dealt with broken hearts and broken trusts. Beyond the Waves; Pacific Shores Series is strictly a romance story. Again, the characters were very real. They made mistakes and had to live with the consequences of those mistakes. Very good story!

The third book in the collection is another new author for me, Hallee Bridgeman. Her story, Sapphire Ice, drew in me quickly. Again this is strictly a romance story, with characters that are far from perfect. Robin Bartlett is great. She is a strong determined woman with principles and a lot of character. Tony Viscolli is my dream man! The story did surprise me with the twists and turns it took. 

I’m taking a break from the collection for two reasons. One I can only handle so much romance in my life and second I’ve just gotten a couple of new books to review. I’ll tell you more about them next week!

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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