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With a big anniversary party in the works for his ex-wife’s parents, Ryan has just one weekend to play Abby’s husband . . . and win back the woman of his dreams.

Ryan McKinley has tried to move on from his ex-wife, Abby. He’s sulked, he’s gotten angry, and ultimately he bought her dream house. Big mistake. Living alone in the massive two-story has only made him miss her more. When her parents call him out of the blue about their anniversary party in Summer Harbor, Maine, Ryan believes God has dropped a golden opportunity straight in his lap.

Abby McKinley never exactly told her parents about the divorce. A strained relationship with her dad has culminated in a distant relationship with her parents, but she’s finally succumbed to her mom’s pressure to make the drive for their 35th-anniversary party.

Then Ryan shows up on her doorstep, looking as handsome as ever. When he insists he’s going to Summer Harbor, with or without her, Abby knows she can’t say no. Her parents still think they’re married and now Ryan knows it too. It’s just a one-week road trip with the man who broke her heart. What could possibly go wrong?

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The ending of the story is predictable, however, the journey the author takes the reader through was far from predictable. She delves into issues that many marriages face each day. She deals with how parental relationships often affect our relationships as adults.

Abby and Ryan have been divorced for 3 years but Abby never told her parents. Ryan never stopped loving Abby and had been asking God for a way to restore their relationship. The anniversary party for Abby’s parents is the open door Ryan had been praying for, or so he thought.

The story moved at a good pace with appropriate situations that would happen in the course of a road trip. The interactions between Abby and Ryan as well as their respective families were at times touching and more often volatile.

I absolutely loved Ryan! He had a strength of character that developed through the hardships of divorce and the aftermath. During the difficult times of their trip Ryan strived to be a Godly man. As the story progressed and the author reveals more about Abby the more I hurt for her. She faced situations that no child should face.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or family member. Although it is the last book in the series, I read it as a stand alone and didn’t feel lost. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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