Sorry I don’t have a full review ready to post, but getting ready for vacation just took more time than I anticipated. I have read some really good books lately, one in particular I’m excited to tell you about.  It’s Denise Hunter’s Married Til Monday. Even though you know how it’s going to end the process to get there was really well done. She deals with a lot of tough issues that people face in marriage. 

Abby and Ryan have been divorced for 3 years but Abby never told her parents. Ryan very stopped loving Abby and had been asking God for a way to restore their relationship. The anniversary party for Abby’s parents is the open door Ryan had been praying for, or so he thought. 

Absolutely loved Ryan! He was committed to making things right, even when things got tough. He was an amazing man. As I learned Abby’s story my heart broke for her. She endured more than any child should ever have to deal with. 

Next week when I’m home I’ll give you more, but suffice to say this is a well written and impactful story. It is the last book in a series but definitely can be read as a standalone.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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