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“SONJA GREY, a narcotics detective, and her nemesis, Max Trent, are handpicked to go undercover to capture a thug—Johnny Stone, aka Rock—who’s dealing drugs at Sonja’s church. Their operation is unwittingly aided by the interference of Sonja’s eccentric aunties.

Max is in love with Sonja, but she’s kept him at a distance by staying entrenched behind a wall of antagonism. For Max, this assignment has two objectives: get their villain and capture Sonja’s heart.

The drug dealer, Rock, is a product of choices made by others when he was a child. He’s emotionally damaged and holds a deep-rooted anger at God. He lives a dark, violent life. Could prison be his path to freedom?

Will Sonja break free of the shackles of her past and embrace Max’s love, or will they be destroyed by danger? ”


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Website: http://www.tonivlee.com/

My Review

This was the first time I’ve read this author. Overall, I liked her style and this was a good story. For some people this would be a great story.  Where I am in life it didn’t relate to me as much as it would to some.

The setting is Orlando, Florida in a prodominatly African-American community that has a serious drug problem. The two main characters, Sonja and Max, are undercover police officers trying to bust the main supplier in the area, Johnny Stone.

The author dealt with a lot of tough issues in this story. Not just the issue of a drug dealer running his business out of a church, but issues of forgiveness and sexual sins. The author dealt with this issues in very terms and the importance of God honoring relationships.

There were several times in the story that I laughed out loud! Some of the interactions between Sonja and Max were very entertaining, but the main laughs came from “the Aunties” and their friend, Clifford. Every church needs a dynamic duo like those two were. There were touching moments especially at the end of the story. The author reminds us of God’s heart for the lost and what our reactions should be regarding the lost.

On the author’s website she has the tagline, “Spreading Truth Through Fiction.” She definitely exemplifies that through this story.

I would recommend this story to women from late teens to probably early 30’s, especially single women that are part of the dating scene.

Disclaimer:  I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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