Well, I’ve heard a lot about this book so I finally read it. I try hard when I write a review not to give away the story. This review will be hard to do that.

When I read a story I look for a line of redemption or ways that God points out areas of my life that are needing fixing through the characters in the story. To say the least I got hit between the eyes many times reading this story. Blaming God for all my problems, wrapped up in the rules and regulations of religion. I think the thing that I brought away from this book is that God is about relationship. Like Mack, I’ve looked at God and the Trinity as a hierarchic where God the father was the head and Jesus and the Holy Spirit somehow weren’t as “important’ or they weren’t on the same level as the Father God. If the example given in this book is accurate, the members of the Trinity are equal and relational.

God wants relationship with us.

As far as the story itself. It was well written. Though the story at times was difficult to read due to the nature of “The Great Sadness.” As a parent the thought of losing a child is painful.

I would recommend this story if you enjoy looking for the symbolism that this story contains.

Welcome! I appreciate your thoughts!

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