Amber Morn – Brandilyn Collins

Seatbelt Suspense! No doubt!

Amber Morn – the fourth and final book in the Kanner Lake series and although I am sad to see it end this book was very, very good.

This story begins in everyone’s favorite coffee shop, Java Joint. S-Man, Ted Dawson, is signing the contract for his first book. But before he can sign on the dotted line three men enter with guns blazing. Before anyone can react our young officer is shot and his lifeless body is dumped on the sidewalk.

Vince Edwards has to use his newly acquired negotiation skills in dealing with three angry and desperate men. Any mistakes can cost a life.

This was another excellent story. By reading the three previous books I knew the characters well and so their pain became my pain. It a story that you can get so rapped up in you can’t put it down. I started it on Saturday night and had it finished on Monday night.

Well worth reading!

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