This author has a thing with women with memory issues, yet she makes each story unique.

In “The Edge of Recall” you have Tessa Young, a seemingly fragile, hyper-sensitive young woman with an obsession with labyrinths. They consumed her so much, to the dismay of her mentor, she changed from what appeared a bright future as architect designing practical buildings, to designing and creating labyrinths. Tessa following her dream caused her mentor, Smith Chandler to criticize and openly mock those dreams.

Years later he contacts her to come and design a labyrinth for a rich and powerful casino owner.
The story the follows reveals the dark secrets trapped in the nightmares that Tessa experiences. She is challenged to learn how to trust a man that once betrayed her but more importantly can she learn to trust a God that wants to be her Father.

This story is very enjoyable, though at times I wanted to slap Tessa. It reminds me that many of us have issues in trusting others and even God. But He alone is faithful.

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