Windigo Twilight – Colleen Rhoads

This was a great book and a quick read. You have the story of Becca Lynn Baxter, who is convinced that her parent’s accident was no accident. She goes to great lengths to find the truth without getting herself killed in the process.

This is a story of a family that is full of decent, selfishness, and self-destruction. As the story unfolds I had to shake my head at how “messed” up this family is. How the love of money becomes more important than people and relationship. The ongoing question through the book, is “Who can you trust?”

I might not have been really thinking about it, but I was surprised at who the villain was. Which I also enjoy a surprise.

Another fun think about this book, that is based on an island on Lake Superior, is the reference to one of my favorite series, the Rock Harbor series by Colleen Coble.

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