Secrets of the Rose – Lois Richer

I must admit that when I picked this book up from I wasn’t expecting much. I figured it would be a “cute” story and a quick read. What I got was an excellent story that kept me guessing until the end. I thought I had figured out how it was going to turn out, but I was wrong. (Which in the long run I was glad.)

This is the story of two people trying to answer the question, “Why God?”

The is a well-written fast paced story.

Shelby is a strong woman, but not overbearing or annoying. So many women characters tend to be a little obnoxious at least at one point in the story. Then we have Tim, the quiet neighbor with painful scars both on the outside and the inside. Together they have to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Shelby’s daughter, Aimee. In the process they will find much needed healing.

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