The Confession by Robert Whitlow

I’ve been a big fan of Robert Whitlow since his first book The List

He’s written a lot of really good books. This one has been pretty good. I hopefully will have time this week to finish it. I have a physical copy of this one that I’ll be giving away.

Waiting for Summer’s Return by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This is a book that was published back in 2006 but even then Kim knew how to write a story. She deals with a very sad storyline with the main character, Summer Steadman. It was heart wrenching at time at times, but Kim does a great job telling the story.

As of right now this story is available for free for the Kindle.

I finished this story yesterday so today I started one of those books that are several short stories by a group of authors.

Sealed with a Kiss

This has some of my favorite my favorite authors featuring short stories. I just finished the first one that was really cute. It was by Janet Tronstad. I’m not sure I’ve read her before but this was a cute story. The next one is by Margaret Daley. I’ve always enjoyed her writing.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Feel free to share what you are reading in the comments below!

Until next week!

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