I’ve read three of the four books in Brandilyn Collins’ Kanner Lake Series and the first book of in the Chelsea Adams Series and have thoroughly enjoyed them. In the Kanner Lake series you have intense and fast paced, with the Chelsea Adams you have a slower pace storyline but excellent story.

So I was anxious to see what Dark Pursuit would be like. I wasn’t disappointed in this story. The story made me crazy trying to figure out who did it.

Meet Darell Brooke the King of Suspense, who can’t finish his 100th novel. Two years early he was in an auto accident that left him with the inability to concentrate. He is an anger often mean old man.

Then we meet Kaitlan Sering, the estrange granddaughter of Darell Brooke abandoned by her mother, who has 12 stepped her way out of a drug addiction. She’s moved back to the town where her grandfather lives. She doesn’t contact him until she finds a dead body in her bedroom. She feels he is the only one who can help her out of this situation. Unfortunately, the man she remembers is now a shell of what he once was. But the proud Darell Brooke is not about to admit he can’t handle the situation. He comes up with a plan to trap the real killer that leaves Kaitlan afraid for her life and that of her grandfathers.

Collins not only tells the story but adds the writings of a would be author who is writing the story in the first person as the killer. This is very interesting aspect which lends to the mystery of who really is the killer.

This story doesn’t have the intensity you will find in the Kanner Lake series. But it’s well written and you find yourself trying to figure out who the real killer is, because as we learn from Darell Brooke you can let them know who the antagonist is too soon. I enjoyed this book very much and didn’t want to put it down until I was done.

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