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In this inspirational romantic suspense, when Catherine Lyons comes home from college at Christmas she discovers her family has disappeared, vanished, leaving her alone.

Fifteen years later when Catherine is on vacation in France, she sees her father getting on a bus, but he’s had a stroke. When she tries to talk to him the nurse taking care of him won’t allow it. Cat shows up at the clinic the next day, but the people there claim to know nothing of the man. This time Cat isn’t going to give up. She learns the name of the nurse she talked to and goes to her apartment and finds her dead.

Colin Montrose is with MI-6 and doesn’t know who this woman is who has stumbled into his operation, but he wants to know. He follows Cat and asks if she murdered the nurse. Before she can answer, they hear police sirens and flee. Together, Cat and Colin chase after Cat’s father, trying to discover the truth behind her life and her parents’ lives.

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My Review

My previous exposure to Leann Harris was her Second Chance Ranch series. This is a touching series with characters that were extremely likable. When I received this book I expected the same type of thing, boy was I in for a surprise.

The author went to a new level of intensity and action in this story. From the opening pages I was interested in the story of Catherine Lyons. She lived with the mystery of her family’s disappearance. While traveling in France she sees a man she believes is her father. What follows was an action pack adventure with a mysterious photographer, Colin Montrose.

The characters were believable and the action plausible. I look forward to more in this series.

As soon as I finished this book I read Diann Mills’ new book, Firewall, and I can say The Last Lie is just as action packed as Firewall.

Disclaimer: The author provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Second Chance Ranch Series

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