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When asked what he does for a living . . .

Commander Mark Bishop is deliberately low-key: “I’m in the Navy.” But commanding the ballistic missile submarine USS Nevada, keeping her crew trained and alert during ninety-day submerged patrols, and being prepared to launch weapons on valid presidential orders, carries a burden of command like few other jobs in the military. Mark Bishop is a man who accepts that responsibility, and handles it well. And at a time when tensions are escalating around the Pacific Rim, the Navy is glad to have him.

Mark wants someone to come home to after sea patrols. The woman he has in mind is young, with a lovely smile, and very smart. She’s a civilian, yet she understands the U.S. Navy culture. And he has a strong sense that life with her would never be boring. But she may be too deep in her work to see the potential in a relationship with him.

Gina Gray would love to be married. She has always envisioned her life that way. A breakup she didn’t see coming, though, has her focusing all her attention on what she does best–ocean science research. She’s on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and she needs Mark Bishop’s perspective and help. Because what she told the Navy she’s figured out is only the beginning. If she’s right, submarine warfare is about to enter a new and dangerous chapter.

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Since Dee Henderson’s return her books have been very heady and lengthy. This book is no exception, however, unlike the previous one that focused a great deal on coin collections this one looks at topics that a broader audience would enjoy.

I loved Gina Gray as the brilliant expert on sonar technology. She has a sweet almost innocent personality but she also had a sassy side as she interacted with Mark Bishop. Throughout most of the story I really liked his character, although there was a section about halfway through the book I felt like he was a little aggressive in his relationship with Gina. Even with that overall he was a great character.

I enjoyed the storyline with the different technologies discussed in regards to the submarines and war tactics. I would love to know how much of the science described in the story is feasible. The romance was well done and had an interesting aspect to it that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

Each of the characters grew in their faith and a deeper understanding of what it means to trust God.

This is my favorite Henderson book since her return and would recommend it to those who have enjoyed previous Henderson’s books or if you enjoy books that focus around the Navy and Naval ships.

Disclaimer: Bethany House provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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18 Replies to “Undetected – Dee Henderson”

  1. Hallo, Hallo! πŸ™‚

    I would love! to win this lovely novel; because I had the honour of receiving her first book when she returned “Full Disclosure” which moved me in such a heart stirring way! I even had trouble blogging about it fully, because she stitches into her stories such a lot of heart, spirit, and depth of character! I could NOT put it down! She was one of the first inspirational fiction authors I discovered after Judith Pella when I was a teen; as I read Pella in middle school. Years later, now in my thirties I cannot get enough of Henderson’s story craft because she writes such convicting stories that stir your emotions as you read. She has a compelling sense of the craft, as she fuses such a strong reality of real-life professions and underthread them into a story that pulls you into the heart of the characters at its center core of focus.

    Thank you for offering this bookaway, as I did not yet get to read “Unspoken”! I am hoping to get it for Christmas, as I want to continue reading this new breadth of her work! I do need to get a copy of “Jennifer” as well, the only miss O’ Malley series story from my set of hers.

    I think once you get into the O’ Malleys, you will truly love what she did in “Full Disclosure”. IF you want to see what I shared on this series & on “Full Disclosure” and even talk about the series, please visit me sometime:

    Jorie’s showcase of Henderson’s O’ Malley series & “Full Disclosure”

    1. PS: To answer your Q about what I am reading currently:

      I am currently finishing “The Road Back” by Liz Harris (the author gave a Guest Post about what inspired her writing of the story) which is set in Ladukh & London. It begins as a story of an adoptive daughter seeking information about her birth parents, but the heart of the narrative goes far deeper than a simple query. I love being emotionally pulled into a story, I love emotional dramas, and this one especially is brilliant because it is set somewhere completely new that I have not yet travelled in fiction. I love writers who seek to expand our horizons as much as tether our hearts into their character’s lives.

      I appreciate the heart of ChocLitUK novels because I find their stories as uplifting to read as any inspirational fiction novel, even though they are mainstream. I write about this quite a heap on my blog, under Features (ChocLitSaturdays) is the full archive.

      Right after this reading, I am reading two distinctively different choices: “The Boleyn Bride” by Brandy Purdy which is a Tudor romance. I am curious about the Tudors which I always forget takes place in the Elizabethan era! I sometimes confuse the two, as I think they are separate, but as I dig into this era and setting of English history, I am learning more as I go along! I like reading about England, but I used to only focus on the Victorian & Regency eras. I needed to expand that scope, so I am adding Edwardian & Tudor! πŸ™‚

      The next one I am finishing will be “Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth” which is a non-fiction selection which focuses on climate change & environmental advocacy. I cannot wait to get through this one, as I love the fact the three scientists who wrote it in conjunction with each other gave us such a strong book to focus on as a layperson! I have always loved science, and it is not oft I get to dig back into my roots therein.

      As a book blogger, we all always have a lot in our queue holds, but what I appreciate the most is the ability to seek out new authors, new stories, and what captivates our imaginations! The best blessing is being able to read self-published and indie authors as well. I have one such I’m reading right now as which is “Lemongrass Hope”. Honestly, this is a hard question to reply too, because I am also reading three others: “The Anatomists Wife” & “Mortal Arts” by Anna Lee Huber (which are cosy historical mysteries) AND I want to start in on “Winter’s Tale”!! These last three I am borrowing through my local library as I LOVE libraries & the ability to seek out novels that are quite diverse & lovely to read! πŸ™‚

      *You’ll note that I read both mainstream & inspirational fiction markets, as to me they are one of a whole; which I wrote about in-depth under ‘My Bookish Life’.

      I do apologise, I was so excited to find someone who enjoys Henderson’s writings, that I was a bit ‘caught up’ in talking about her books & sharing in the joy of that excitement!

  2. I’ve been a fan of Dee Henderson for years. I’m so glad she’s back. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just finished Brandilyn Collins’ Sidetracked. She’s another of my favorite authors.

  4. I just read this book! I’m reading her Full Disclosure now, and I’m also excited about Stephanie Reed’s next book which is coming soon… The Bachelor. If any one here likes 1970’s stories, and Amish fiction with a very unique plot, check Stephanie out. Her Amish stories are really engaging. πŸ˜€

  5. I love Dee’s books…..Her characters are so real! I’m reading Beverly Lewis’ s Abram’s Daughters series.

  6. I have a stack of books to read this summer. The one I am reading now is by Maya Banks called When Day Breaks

  7. I am doing an adult summer reading program at our library and am reading abundant numbers of Debbie Macomber books, plus just finished the first four of Dani Pettrey’s books set in Alaska.

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