This is the second book I’ve read by Bill Myers and it was equally as strange as the first. Though, I did enjoy this one more than the first. In this story you are dealing with the paranormal in a small town in Indiana. You have Brandon, the son of a preacher, who has lost his faith. His father who was his best friend now sits in a wheelchair after suffering a debilitating stroke. You have Sarah, a scientist with her own demons who is drawn to Brandon. You have Gerty, who longs to see Brandon come of age in his faith to meet his destiny. Of course, we have a power hungry doctor that wants to exploit Brandon’s abilities and will manipulate anyone to get what he wants.

This story will make you think and question several things including some of the text in Revelation. But it is a very enjoyable story that you won’t want to put down.

It appears that the only place to get the book is from the author.

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